What users say

Soft asserts, hard iterators


What users say

"Andrei, thanks for Selenide, it's just a bomb!!"

Aleksey Bobrutskov
QA engineer

"I have managed to do pretty good UI test automation with Selenide even with limited Java knowledge."

Jari Heikkilä

"Selenide is like a birthday gift from your close mindful friend: reliable, useful and easy to use. It was created by real professionals familiar with trends and challenges of today's IT industry. We have TONS of automation and Selenide helps us to keep the pace at all stages - from design to maintenance."

Alexandr Sedyh
Quality control department, Infotech Group

"It's cool! It's a pity that I haven't tried Selenide. This is what is needed in any project!"

Ilya Slabiy

"Wrapper of magic to increase the productivity"


It's nice to finally see a decent webDriver framework.

Philippe Cambien

Spock and Selenide are really awesome together Spock and Selenide example

Selenide is a very nice piece of software, so that the UI tests are no longer a nightmare now.

Nikolai Raitsev

"Selenide is really nice and capable tool for writing functional/acceptance tests for your browser-based UI. I encourage you to check Selenide out and give it a try."

LiveRebel engineer at ZeroTurnaround

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