Released Selenide 6.17.2

Released Selenide 6.17.2

Steep dive

Good evening!

Today is August, 24 - Ukraine Independence Day.
And in honor of this holiday - a small release Selenide 6.17.2.

Un-hanged the hanging webdriver. Again.

In the previous release, we fixed the problem with hanging webdriver for most users.
But the unfortunate ones remained, who are forced to open the tested sites in Chrome through BasicAuth. For these users, webdriver still hangs.

What was left for us? We had to revert CDP-based authentication until the webdriver issue gets fixed.

How to reproduce the problem

If you want to reproeuce the problem, run this test:

  public class BasicAuthTest {
    void this_snippet_hangs_during_second_run() {
      open("", BASIC, 
           new BasicAuthCredentials("", "admin", "admin"));


The first run works, the second run hangs. On Selenide 6.17.1.

And on Selenide 6.17.2 it doesnโ€™t freeze anymore. Hooray.

Andrei Solntsev