Released Selenide 6.12.0

Released Selenide 6.12.0

New headless mode


On this tragic and festive day, we released Selenide 6.12.0.

It doesn’t contain any new features, but it introduces new headless mode that might affect your tests.

New headless mode

In Chromium browsers, a “new headless” mode has been recently introduced. Read more details in their blog.

Shortly said, it’s a better headless mode that should fix all problems of the “old headless”.

In theory, you can still switch between the old and new headless modes. But in practice, you will have to switch to a new one. Because after last Chrome and Edge update, downloading files in the old headless mode stopped working.

Starting from Selenide 6.12.0, the new headless mode will be enabled by default.

See issue 2104. Thanks to Boris Osipov for PR 2105 and PR 2169.

Improve logging when downloading files

If file downloading failed (especially using method FOLDER), it’s sometimes hard to understand why it failed.
Now we improved logging inside of method $.download(), so the debugging should become easier.

See PR 2167.

Improved downloading files in Edge on Windows

When downloading a file in Edge browser, Selenide tracks temporary files “.crdownload”. They are created by Chromium engine during the download process. Recently we realized that on Windows, Edge also creates temporary files “.tmp”. Now Selenide tracks them too.

See PR 2167.

Updated dependencies

Renamed master branch to main

Yes, these are echoes of that same BLM. One smart person convinced me that it’s worth to rename the branch. :)


Well, why did I call this day festive? It’s because February, 24 is actually the Independence Day of Estonia. 105 years ago, Estonian troops expelled the invaders from the country and proclaimed a new independent state.

Without that brave guys on the armored train, there would be no Selenide now. :)

UPD Released Selenide 6.12.1

Fixed an old bug in method using.

See changelog

UPD Released Selenide 6.12.2

Added a quick workaround for Chromedriver 111 issue:
Invalid Status code=403 text=Forbidden.

See changelog

UPD Released Selenide 6.12.3

We fixed one old bug in method $.download(FOLDER) (if it’s called after using).

See changelog

Andrei Solntsev