Released Selenide 6.8.1

Released Selenide 6.8.1

Oops, we shouldn't mobilize OpenTelemetry


Catch min-bugfix Selenide 6.8.1.

This only applies to those who directly call in their tests

new RemoteWebDriver(url, options)

and encountered NoClassDefFoundError after upgrading to Selenide 6.8.0.


What is OpenTelemetry? This is some kind of thing that was added to Selenium 4 for some reason, but nobody really knows why it’s needed and how to use it. :) In fact, no one cares, no one uses it. :)

In Selenide, we also removed it in PR 1763.

OpenTelemetry dependency in Selenium is like Special Military Operation: nobody knows why it’s needed.

The problem

So, most Selenide users don’t have such a problem.

BUT you might into trouble if you call constructor new RemoteWebDriver(url, options) in your tests. Unfortunately, it requires OpenTelemetry dependency. And after upgrading to Selenide 6.8.0 these users might get NoClassDefFoundError.

Temporary solution

Add parameter false to the constructor: new RemoteWebDriver(url, options, false). This false says “please don’t user telemetry”.

Demobilized OpenTelemetry dependency

In short, we quickly released Selenide 6.8.1, which brought back OpenTelemetry.

See issue 1965 and PR 1966.

Andrei Solntsev