Released Selenide 6.7.3

Released Selenide 6.7.3

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Good saturday!

You are reading release notes for Selenide 6.7.3.

Added condition partialValue

Similarly to $.shouldHave(partialText("Good Co")), now you have $.shouldHave(partialValue("Cola")).

It’s needed if you set Configuration.textCheck = FULL_TEXT, but need to check a value of some input or textarea partially.

See issue 1923 and PR 1924.

Added condition tagName

You probably don’t need it often. Because we often find element by the tag, and only then verify some its attributes.

Anyway, now you can verify the tag name of an element:


Or filter a collection by tag name:


See issue 1928 and PR 1929.

Now we check that element is <select>

… in methods $.getSelectedText() and getSelectedValue().

The initial intention of these methods was to find a selected <option> in a <select> and return its text or value.


  1. it’s not obvious from the name (and that’s why we renamed methods to $.getSelectedOptionText() and getSelectedOptionValue())
  2. you could call these methods on any other element but <select> - and get an unpredictable behavior.

Now call to $("div").getSelectedOptionText() will throw IllegalArgumentException.

See PR 1934.

Updated dependencies

  • PR 1932 Bump webdrivermanager from 5.2.3 to 5.3.0
  • PR 1931 Bump slf4jVersion from 1.7.36 to 2.0.0
  • PR 1921 Bump browserup-proxy-core from 2.2.1 to 2.2.2


And finally, the main achievement:


It hasn’t even been 10 years!

Wait, it’s been…

Andrei Solntsev