Released Selenide 6.7.2

Released Selenide 6.7.2

Memory leaks

Good Sunday!

We made a mini-release Selenide 6.7.2 fixing a few memory leaks.

But don’t worry, they are non-critical. It is unlikely that any of you even noticed them.

Fixed a memory leak with shutdown hooks in Selenide

If you open and close a browser multiple times in a test

for (int i = 0; i < 1000; i++) {

then memory consumption starts growing:

Memory consumption: before

It’s caused by shutdown hooks that Selenide adds for every opened browser. And never removes them until the end of JVM.

See issue 1917 and PR 1919.

After upgrading to version 6.7.2, memory consumption doesn’t grow anymore:

Memory consumption: after

Fixed a memory leak in LittleProxy

We upgraded to LittleProxy 2.0.11 which also contains a memory leak fix.

See PR 1918 and PR 141

Upgraded to Selenium 4.4.0

which even contains one my personal fix! Which, by the way, helped us fix the next problem.

See PR 1913 and Selenium changelog

Fixed full-size-screenshot plugin

Our new plugin full-size-screenshot had one known problem (caused by a known bug in Selenium): if you run a browser remotely and open multiple tabs or windows, Selenide might take screenshot from a wrong window.

This bug was fixed in Selenium 4.4.0, and now in Selenide too.

See PR 1920 and PR 10811.


Andrei Solntsev