Released Selenide 6.6.6

Released Selenide 6.6.6

A gesture of badwill

Good evening!

We made another release Selenide 6.6.6

Removed deprecated capabilities

Some webdriver options (which Selenide has been setting for years) were later marked as deprecated.
Starting from some release, Selenium started logging warnings about them.

Now Selenide doesn’t set them anymore: acceptSslCerts, handlesAlerts, javascriptEnabled, takesScreenshot.

We will not forget you, friends! You have served us faithfully for over 10 years.

See issue 1862, issue 1866 and PR 1870.

Fixed ClearWithShortcut

… when working with driver wrapped into listeners. It’s rare, don’t worry.

Thanks to Petro Ovcharenko for PR 1856.

Added shorter syntax for $.click

If you wished to click with an offset or custom timeout, you had to write quite a long line:

$.click(withDefaultMethod().offset(123, 222));

Now you can write a shorter line:

$.click(withOffset(123, 222));

See PR 1875.

Added support for mobile apps

… when checking if webdriver is still alive.

This is a minor fix for selenide-appium.

When you reuse the same webdriver for multiple tests, Selenide needs to regularly check if the webdriver is still alive. To check it, Selenide calls WebDriver.getTitle().

Recently we realised that method getTitle() is not supported in Appium. Now we handle this situation properly, and the browser health check works in Appium too.

See issue 1878 and PR 1879.

Fixed logic of reopenBrowserOnFail setting

Another improvement for testing mobile apps.

See issue 1880 and PR 1881.

Upgraded dependencies

Released selenide-appium 2.1.0

This version contains improved support for running tests for iOS applications.

See selenide-appium.

With this release, we decided to demonstrate to the world community that we do not interfere with the creation of automated tests for mobile applications.

Now it’s up to the automators.

Andrei Solntsev