Released Selenide 6.6.3

Released Selenide 6.6.3

Released. Period.

Good evening fellows!

We made a mini-release Selenide 6.6.3.

Improved timeout for $.click()

In version 6.6.0, we added an optional parameter timeout for method $.click().
But it appeared that it only partially solved the problem.

Now we improved it: method


waits 8 seconds for both the element itself and the following page loading.

See issue 1572 and PR 1853.

Selenide 6.6.2

A day before, we released Selenide 6.6.2 with upgrade to Selenium 4.2.2

See PR 1851.

Selenide 6.6.1

Before this, we released Selenide 6.6.1 with a tiny fix for an old issue 1850. We restore byte-buddy dependency which was needed for adding listeners to webdriver.

Andrei Solntsev