Released Selenide 5.22.3

Released Selenide 5.22.3

Fresh and delicious bugfixes

Good evening!

There was a press release here that might hurt the feelings of many of our users and committers. We regret that this has happened, and we consider this publication to be our mistake, a manifestation of the unprofessionalism of certain maintainers.

So just upgrade to Selenide 5.22.3 with the most fresh and delicious bugfixes.

5.22.3 (released 05.07.2021)

  • #1474 add workaround for NPE in RemoteWebElement.isDisplayed() โ€“ see PR #1498

5.22.2 (released 30.06.2021)

  • #1493 support uploading files from inside of JAR files โ€“ see PR #1494
  • fix command ./gradlew - now it installs jars to a local maven repo โ€“ see PR #1489
  • add support for okhttp 4.9.1 โ€“ see PR #1488

5.22.1 (released 18.06.2021)

  • Add mime type โ€œbinary/octet-streamโ€ to download binary files in FireFox

Have a carefree summer!

Andrei Solntsev