Released Selenide 5.18.1

Released Selenide 5.18.1

Localhost is a delicate thing!

Hi all!

We have release a small update Selenide 5.18.1.

Let’s look at the changes:

Added method Selenide.getSessionStorage()

… similar to Selenide.getLocalStorage() added in 5.15.0.

They both have the same set of methods: getItem, setItem, removeItem, clear etc.

Sometimes it’s useful to set some flag to sessionStorage to localStorage to emulate some user action or toggle some features or settings.

Thanks to Dmitriy Budim for PR 1400.

P.S. FYI difference between localStorage and sessionStorage.

Fixed error message for $$.filterBy(and(..))

As you know, Selenide provides powerful API for filtering and validating collections.

User Pavel Fokin found that the error message can look misleading when the collection is filtered with and condition (a combination of other conditions):

$$(".sofa").filterBy(and("shining", text("Jorshik"), text("Zoloto"))).shouldHave(size(2));

The output was a bit misleading (because it showed only the last checked condition):

... collection: .sofa.filter(text Jorshik)

Now the output contains all conditions:

... collection: .sofa.filter(shining: text 'Jorshik' and text 'Zoloto')

See issue 1392.
Thanks to Pavel Fokin for PR 1393.

Pass “noproxy” option from user-provided proxy to Selenide proxy

As you know, Selenide can run its own embedded proxy server (used to download files, intercept requests etc.) It’s also possible to provide Selenide your own proxy. Then Selenide uses both proxies, one through the other.

Every proxy can have a setting “noproxy” which often has value “localhost”. It mean that all requests except “http://localhost:*“ should be proxied. And this setting was lost when running Selenide with two proxies, Thus Selenide could not run requests to localhost.

Now Selenide passes “noproxy” setting from your proxy to its own proxy.

Localhost is a delicate thing!

Thanks to Boris Osipov for PR 1390.

Upgraded to Netty 4.1.59.Final and LittleProxy 2.0.2

It is unlikely that you will read them, but here are the release notes for Netty 4.1.59.Final and LittleProxy 2.0.2. At lease they fixed some security issue and a memory leak.

It’s all for today. Feel free to update and share your feedback.
Create issues in github, complain in chats, swear in twitter.

Github is stronger than bugs!

Andrei Solntsev