Released Selenide 5.17.2

Soft asserts, hard iterators


Released Selenide 5.17.2

The last present

Good morning!

The gnomes still cannot calm down. Tomorrow morning they will bring you the last present in your socks: release Selenide 5.17.2.

Make Commands return SelenideElement instead WebElement

It allows you chaining $.execute(Command) with other Selenide methods, thus making your tests even more concise and expressive:

$(".lupa").execute(new ScrollToCenter()).$(".pupa").click();

Thanks to Boris Osipov for PR 1355.

Fixed method $.setValue(null)

See issue 1356. Thanks to Dmitriy Zemlyanitsyn for PR 1357.

Enabled soft asserts in @BeforeAll and @AfterAll methods (in JUnit 5)

See issue 981, issue 1070 and PR 1359.

Fixed file selenide-5.17.2-javadoc.jar

now it contains javadoc for all classes.

Once again, Happy New Year!

Andrei Solntsev

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