Released Selenide 5.16.2

Mmm hmm, a killer feature!


Released Selenide 5.16.2

Bugfixes from the mezzanine

Good morning!

We released Selenide 5.16.2.

Please don’t think that recent release Selenide 5.16.0 had a lot of bugs.
Not at all.

This release 5.16.2 is a bunch of fixes for old small issues.


Release 5.16.2 (25.11.2020)

  • #1332 return old click(int, int) command logic – thanks to Petro Ovcharenko for PR #1333
  • make SoftAssertsExtension thread-safe – thanks to @dtuchs for PR #1334
  • #1258 fix soft asserts with ParameterizedTest in jUnit5 – see PR #1328
  • #1293 don’t report “Element not found” in case of other errors – see PR #1326
  • #1290 don’t show unused page object fields in report – see PR #1327
  • upgrade to littleproxy:2.0.1 – see PR #1325

Release 5.16.1 (23.11.2020)

Here we had two fixes to run Chrome with extensions.

  • #1314 do not exclude “load-extension” switch if Chrome is opened with extensions – see PR #1324
  • #1315 support custom DriverFactory for running remote browsers – see PR #1324


Once there is room left, I will share brand new links:

Stay tuned for Selenide 5.17.0!

Andrei Solntsev

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