Released Selenide 5.12.2

Released Selenide 5.12.2

Cheer up, kotliners!

Hi all!

We have published one more mini-release Selenide 5.12.2.

Fixed annotations @Nonnull

… for some of SelenideElement methods.

After upgrading to Selenide 5.12.0 some Kotlin users started getting compilation errors in their projects.
It’s because we marked all methods of SelenideElement with annotations @Nullable/@Nonnull, and Kotlin is sensible to them.

For the following methods we now changed @Nullable annotation to @Nonnull (because they never return null):

  • $.getText()
  • $.text()
  • $.innerText()
  • $.innerHtml()
  • $.getSelectedText()

Now you can again put results of those methods to non-nullable variables (though such constructs seem to me a bit strange in tests).

See issue 1179 and PR 1181.

Fixed setting holdBrowserOpen=true

This setting didn’t work sometimes.
No we fixed it.

See issue 1172 and PR 1176.



It happened!!!

We published Selenium IDE plugin which can export code to Selenide.

We will publish a separate post soon on this topic.

Huge thanks to Dmytro Stekanov for this historical moment for Selenide!

Andrei Solntsev