Released Selenide 5.6.0

Released Selenide 5.6.0

BrowserMobProxy -> BrowserUpProxy

Good morning!

In the end of the year, we released Selenide 5.6.0 with one significant change.

We replaced (outdated) BrowserMobProxy by its fork BrowserUpProxy (current version 2.0.1).

See issue 1019.
Thanks to Aliaksandr Rasolka for PR 1020.

What good is there is BrowserUpProxy?


  • supports Brotli Compression (in addition to gzip)
  • supports HTTP/2
  • based on actively maintained fork LittleProxy
  • uses a better HAR reader
  • can filter HAR entries
  • supports versioned headers for JSON like Content-Type=application/something-v1+json
  • has built-in asserts for network and pages

Here is the full changelog of BrowserUpProxy (compared to BrowserMobProxy).

How to upgrade?

In most cases, you don’t need to change anything. Everything just work as before.
Some changes are required only in 2 cases:

1. If you declared BMP dependency explicitly, you need to replace




2. If you implemented RequestFilter or ResponseFilter,

you need to replace import

import net.lightbody.bmp.*;


import com.browserup.bup.*;

That’s it. Nothing more.


Andrei Solntsev