Released Selenide 5.3.1

Released Selenide 5.3.1

Maven ate screenshots

Hi all!

There was a sensation:

The presentation of the new iPhone went unnoticed!

Because we released Selenide 5.3.1. With improved shots as well. :)

We fixed only one problem in this version, but what problem is it!

Maven, where are my screenshots?

Recently we discovered that users of Maven and latest maven-surefire-plugin:2.22.2 were deprived of one of the most important selenide features: screenshot was not added to the error report.

That was unexpected!

How did you even live without it, poor fellows?

Probably that’s why you think you need BDD, Serenity and Allure? Probably you don’t need. :)

Read on.

See the difference

That’s how error report looks in Maven and latest maven-surefire-plugin:2.22.2:

: expected: = 11, actual: 0, collection: .results
Elements: []
	at org.selenide.GoogleTest.openGoogle(

You don’t see a screenshot. Bad luck.

And this is how error report looks in Gradle, Ant, any IDE and default maven-surefire-plugin:2.12.4:

List size mismatch. Expected: = 11, actual: 0, collection: .results
Elements: []
Screenshot: file:/Users/andrei/projects/selenide-examples/sandbox-selenide-junit5/build/reports/tests/1567803355181.0.png
Page source: file:/Users/andrei/projects/selenide-examples/sandbox-selenide-junit5/build/reports/tests/1567803355181.0.html
Timeout: 4 s.
	at org.selenide.GoogleTest.openGoogle(

Now you see a screenshot in case of test failure. It’s enough to investigate the reason of test failure. You just don’t need any “nice” reports, BDD, report portals etc.

Now we are talking!


But why it happened?

  1. In Java, there is a class Throwable which is a parent of all errors and exceptions.
  2. It has 2 important methods: getMessage() and toString().
  3. by default toString() = class name + getMessage()

For example, the following code

    Throwable e = new IllegalArgumentException("nope");

prints out:

    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: nope

Initially, Selenide added screenshot name in method UIAssertionError.toString(). And it worked fine in Gradle, Ant, all IDEs. And in Maven too - in case of default maven-surefire-plugin version.

So what was updated in Maven?

There are funny guys working on Maven.

  1. Maven has 2 plugins for tests, not one.
  2. These plugins are named “surefire”, not “test” (which would be intuitive and clear for everyone)
  3. The latest Maven 3.6.2 by default uses different versions of those plugins:
    • maven-surefire-plugin:2.12.4 - 7 years old (e.g. doesn’t support Java 11)
    • and unexpectedly
      maven-surefire-report-plugin:3.0.0-M3 - beta version, not ready for production

Now, if you upgrade to latest maven-surefire-plugin in your pom.xml:


test reports start changing. Instead of e.toString() it now uses class name + getMessage(). That’s why screenshots are not appended to error report anymore.

How we fixed it?

Simple. We now add screenshot in method e.getMessage() instead of e.toString(). Sound simple, but we had to refactor all Selenide exceptions and fix many tests.

Probably something went wrong, so feel free to file issues, if you wish some error messages to be improved!

All the background and code modifications can be found here:


Selenide goes over the world!

  • Look, what a great video created Martin Škarbala from Slovakia. In just a 1.5 minutes he demonstrates benefits of Selenide, and how much of boilerplate code you can delete after migration to Selenide.


  • September, 20-21 - I will give two talks at QA Fest conference - Kyiv, Ukraine

Andrei Solntsev