Released Selenide 5.2.3

Released Selenide 5.2.3

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On May, 7 we released Selenide 5.2.3 with small but backward incompatible changes.

Don’t be afraid. Here is goes:

Added method SelenideLogger.beforeEvent()

Sometimes we need to log something BEFORE doing an action. For example, to write a log before any click. Selenide has interface SelenideLogger, but it always had only one method onEvent() which works AFTER an action. Now we added method beforeEvent. And renamed onEvent to afterEvent to make api cleaner.

Thanks to pavelpp for PR 927!

NB! This change is backward incompatible.

  1. If you implemented SelenideLogger in your project, you need to rename/add method in your implementation.
  2. If you use library selenide-allure, you need to wait for its newer version with this PR.

Now you can open a blank page

Sometimes we need to open a blank page in test. For example, to stop all running Ajax requests from a previous test and start a new test from the scratch.

Now you can use command open("about:blank") (before version 5.2.3, Selenide added baseUrl in the beginning of the address).

See issue 914 and PR 915.

Refactoring: we extracted all Condition implementations to separate classes

Just for your information. For most Selenide users, it doesn’t change anything.

See PR 912.

Updated dependencies

  • one: WebDriverManager 3.4.0 (incl. support for Chrome 72, 73, 74)
  • two: HtmlUnit 2.34.1
  • three: HtmlUnitDriver 2.34.0

Known issues

Two last versions of Chrome and Chromedriver (73 and 74) don’t work with BrowserMobProxy running on localhost. We don’t know why.

It causes malfunctioning of downloading files and BasicAuth through proxy. Don’t you have the same problem?

Currently we don’t have a better idea than just running tests on Chrome 71.



Andrei Solntsev