Released Selenide 4.12.2

Released Selenide 4.12.2

because we can!

We released Selenide 4.12.2

Let’s see what was changed there.

We added method because for collections

As you know, Selenide has method because allowing test author to clarify why he expects this behaviour:

  $("#login").shouldBe(visible.because("After 3 wrong answers user should be logged out"));

Now we also have method because for collections:

  $$(".error").shouldHave(size(3).because("A separate error message per wrong answer"));

See issue 440 - thanks to Mikhail Sidelnikov for PR 749

Selenide will not try to open a browser

… if setting Configuration.reopenBrowserOnFail is false.

Don’t be afraid, nothing will change for most of you. This setting is true by default.

This setting was initially created for those who want to open/close browser entirely be themselves.

See issue 695 and PR 754

We upgraded dependencies

  • selenium 3.13.0
  • webdrivermanager 2.2.3

Andrei Solntsev