Released Selenide 4.12.1

Released Selenide 4.12.1

Benefit of Alexander Rasolka

Good summer!

With some delay, we post the Selenide 4.12.1 release notes.

Fixed name of downloaded file

When you download a file with link containing ? and parameters (like /download/me/, Selenide created a local file with name

Now Selenide will cut all characters from ?. In this case, it will create a file

See issue 735 - thanks to Aliaksandr Rasolka for PR 735

Changed implementation of method Selenide.refresh()

This method sometimes didn’t actually refresh the page.
We could not reproduce it, but blindly changed the implementation - now it just calls built-in selenium method
webdriver.navigate().refresh(). Seems that it fixed the problem.

See issue 740 - thanks to Aliaksandr Rasolka for PR 741

Fixed method WebDriverRunner.isHeadless()

This method returned true only for HtmlUnit and PhantomJS. Now it returns true also for Chrome/Firefox when executed in headless mode.

(Though I personally don’t understand why one needs to use this method. Don’t use it. Do you really need Selenide help to know what browser you have started?)

See issue 750 - thanks to Aliaksandr Rasolka for PR 751

Added thread ID to log messages on closeWebDriver() method

For some people, it was sometimes hard to understand which thread closed the driver. Now it will be easier.

(Though I personally don’t understand why it should be a problem)

See issue 582 - thanks to Alexander Poleschuk for PR 737

Declared webdrivermanager dependency as api

Now you can use webdrivermanager from your code without declaring any additional dependencies.

Thanks to Aliaksandr Rasolka for PR 736

Migrated from coveralls to sonarcloud

for measuring Selenide own test coverage. It doesn’t affect you directly, just FYI.

See issue 702 - thanks to Aliaksandr Rasolka for PR 744

Andrei Solntsev