Released Selenide 3.11

Released Selenide 3.11

The last in 3.x series

Good evening!

We released Selenide 3.11! This is the last release in 3.x series. The last working on Java 7 and Selenium WebDriver 2.x

The following is Selenide 4.x: Selenium WebDriver 3.x and Java 8.

So, what we have in Selenide 3.11:

Added condition checked

Now you can write readable test for checkbox:


Before now, you had to write $.shouldBe(selected) which is not pretty clear.

Checkbox should be checked.

See issue 416

Optimization of getMessage()

There is a strange behaviour in Selenium. When you get any exception from WebDriver (any subclass of SeleniumException), its method getMessage() is called.

And method SeleniumException.getMessage() tries to be too smart. It tries to add IP and host name of current machine to the error message. And detecting host name can be very slow.

And it appeared that Selenide does call this method multiple times.

I believe that getMessage() should not this. It’s not its business. But all we can do is just to optimize getMessage() calls, so that Selenide would not call this method multiple times.

So we did it.

See issue 415

Waiting for Selenium 3.0…

Andrei Solntsev