Released Selenide 3.7

Released Selenide 3.7

Marionette, Marathon and again Firefox

Hi all!

We released Selenide 3.7!

Upgraded to Selenium 2.53.1

It should fix the problem with Firefox 47.

Added support for Marionette browser

To run your tests with Marionette browser, you can set parameter in command line (or build script):


or set browser directly in your tests:

  Configuration.browser = "marionette";

see. pull request #349

Thanks to Geroen Dierckx for this pull request!

Added support for non-web drivers

There are some “webdrivers” that do not actually drive web-browsers, but

  • native Windows applications (Winium),
  • Java Swing applications (Marathon),
  • and even mobile applications (Appium).

Naturally, these drivers do not support JavaScript. It appeared that Selenide could not work without JavaScript.

In Selenide 3.7, we have fixed this problem. Now Selenide should work with non-web drivers.

see. issue #345

Removed useless message Screenshots: if screenshots are disabled

see. pull request #357

Thanks to Boris Osipov for this pull request!

Statistics update

Selenide download statistics for June 2016:

And unique IPs statistics:

It’s still growing!

Andrei Solntsev