Released Selenide 3.2

We will be 10 soon!


Released Selenide 3.2

browser size matters!

Good morning!

We released Selenide 3.2

Now Selenide logs browser version

We added INFO log containing version of browser, Selenium and Selenide:

00:32:45 INFO BrowserName=chrome Version=48.0.2564.109 Platform=MAC
00:32:45 INFO Selenide v. 3.2
00:32:45 INFO Selenium WebDriver v. 2.51.0 build time: 2016-02-05 11:20:57

Better report

We renamed FAILED->FAIL, PASSED->PASS in selenide report. So they don’t mess with PASSED and FAILED that are typically written by Maven and other tools. Now it’s a little bit easier to analyze Selenide output in Jenkins.

Added method for selecting option by index

Before Selenide 3.2 you could select an option by text or value:


Now you can also select option by index:


Added setting selenide.browser-size

Now you can set browser size before running tests:

java -Dselenide.browser-size=1024x768

or directly in code:

public void setUp() {
  Configuration.browser = "chrome";
  Configuration.browserSize = "1024x768";

It’s probably a good idea to declare a (minimal) expected browser size supported by the application in test. So your tests will verify that the application works on that small displays.

Upgraded to selenium-java 2.50.0

See selenium 2.50.0 changelog.

See you later! Selenide 3.3 is coming soon!

Andrei Solntsev

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