Released Selenide 3.1

Released Selenide 3.1

Smart switches

Good evening!

Good new year news: we released Selenide 3.1.

Updated documentation

We fixed and updated documentation on site.

Thanks to Aleksei Vinogradov and Erik Khalimov for hard work!

Before Selenide 3.1, method $().download() allowed to download files from invisible links. We fixed this bug. Thanks to @dimand58 for this pull request.

Methods switchTo(...) now can wait if needed

Methods switchTo(alert()), switchTo(frame()), switchTo(window()) got smarter. Now they can wait a little bit, if alert, frame or window is not loaded yet. As usually, default timeout is 4 seconds.

Added methods byName, byXpath, byLinkText, byPartialLinkText, byId

These are new static methods in class Selectors (where methods byText and withText were). Actually they are just aliases for selenium built-in By.* methods. I am not sure they are really useful, but some folks like the idea of not using any Selenium classes in their tests. Also it was needed for folks who use Selenide in their .NET tests. Imagine, people!

Condition$.shouldHave(exactTextCaseSensitive("...")) checks the entire string

Before Selenide 3.1 it checks only a substring. We fixed this bug.

Methods $(WebElement, selector) and $$(WebElement, selector) marked as deprecated

Itโ€™s recommended to use method find instead:

  • $(WebElement).find(selector)
  • $$(WebElement).find(selector)

Added method $.getValue()

Actually this is just an alias for $.val().

Selenide includes phantomjsdriver 1.2.1 out of the box

Now you donโ€™t need to include additional dependencies to use PhantomJS in your tests.

Upgraded to selenium-java 2.49.0

See selenium 2.49.0 changelog.

See you! Selenide 3.2 and 3.3 is coming soon!

Andrei Solntsev