Changes in Selenide 2.11

Changes in Selenide 2.11



We have released Selenide 2.11. It does contains no new features, but removes old unused features, that made our life complex and broke down the progress.

Please be so nice and run your tests with Selenide 2.11. Notify us if some tests got broken.

What we cleaned up

Removed dependency on jQuery

Methods $.selectOption() and $.selectOptionByValue() tried to trigger “change” event using jQuery. It was done a long time ago to fight against some odd test failures on Windows in IE. Now it’s actual anymore

  • at least all our tests are passing without this hack.

The whole class com.codeborne.selenide.JQuery is marked as deprecated. Please be sure that you do not use it in your tests.

Cleaned up annoying logs

When closing Firefox, you could see the following annoying error message in log:

UnreachableBrowserException: Error communicating with the remote browser. It may have died.

We researched this problem and found that this is a bug (or feature?) of Selenium Firefox webdriver. When calling method webdriver.close() it throws UnreachableBrowserException, but still closes the browser (at least, in Linux and Mac OS).

We removed this pointless log.

And what we updated

Upgraded to PhantomJS 1.2.0

As before, all tests of Selenide itself run successfully in PhantomJS, but some tests in our real projects fail. That’s why we still cannot use PhantomJS in real work.

And what’s new with you?