Selenide: concise UI tests in Java

What is Selenide?

Selenide is a framework for test automation powered by Selenium WebDriver that brings the following advantages:

Concise fluent API for tests Stable tests Powerful selectors Simple configuration
You don't need to think how to shut down browser, handle timeouts and StaleElement Exceptions or search for relevant log lines, debugging your tests.
Just focus on your business logic and let Selenide do the rest!

Quick start

It's extremely easy to start using Selenide. Definitely not a rocket science.

Just add selenide.jar to your project and you are done.
See Quick start guide for more details.


Poor software doesn't have documentation. Brilliant software doesn't need documentation.

We are proud to claim that Selenide is so simple that you don't need to read tons of documentation.
The whole work with Selenide consists of three simple things!


"Selenide is really nice and capable tool for writing functional/acceptance tests for your browser-based UI. I encourage you to check Selenide out and give it a try."

LiveRebel engineer at ZeroTurnaround

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