Class WebDriverWrapper

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@ParametersAreNonnullByDefault public class WebDriverWrapper extends Object implements Driver
A `Driver` implementation which uses given webdriver [and proxy]. It doesn't open a new browser. It doesn't start a new proxy.
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    • config

      @CheckReturnValue @Nonnull public Config config()
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      config in interface Driver
    • browser

      @CheckReturnValue @Nonnull public Browser browser()
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      browser in interface Driver
    • hasWebDriverStarted

      @CheckReturnValue public boolean hasWebDriverStarted()
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      hasWebDriverStarted in interface Driver
    • getWebDriver

      @CheckReturnValue @Nonnull public org.openqa.selenium.WebDriver getWebDriver()
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      getWebDriver in interface Driver
    • getProxy

      @CheckReturnValue @Nonnull public SelenideProxyServer getProxy()
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      getProxy in interface Driver
    • getAndCheckWebDriver

      @CheckReturnValue @Nonnull public org.openqa.selenium.WebDriver getAndCheckWebDriver()
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      getAndCheckWebDriver in interface Driver
    • browserDownloadsFolder

      @CheckReturnValue @Nullable public DownloadsFolder browserDownloadsFolder()
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      browserDownloadsFolder in interface Driver
    • close

      public void close()
      Close the webdriver.

      NB! The behaviour was changed in Selenide 5.4.0 Even if webdriver was created by user - it will be closed. It may hurt if you try to use this browser after closing.

      Specified by:
      close in interface Driver