Interface Config

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public interface Config
  • Method Details

    • browser

      String browser()
    • headless

      boolean headless()
    • remote

      String remote()
    • browserSize

      String browserSize()
    • browserVersion

      String browserVersion()
    • browserPosition

      String browserPosition()
    • webdriverLogsEnabled

      boolean webdriverLogsEnabled()
    • browserBinary

      String browserBinary()
    • pageLoadStrategy

      String pageLoadStrategy()
    • pageLoadTimeout

      long pageLoadTimeout()
    • browserCapabilities

      org.openqa.selenium.MutableCapabilities browserCapabilities()
    • baseUrl

      String baseUrl()
    • timeout

      long timeout()
    • pollingInterval

      long pollingInterval()
    • holdBrowserOpen

      @Deprecated boolean holdBrowserOpen()
      Don't use this setting. It leaves the browser and webdriver open. User can later close the browser manually, but the webdriver leaves running forever.
    • reopenBrowserOnFail

      boolean reopenBrowserOnFail()
    • clickViaJs

      boolean clickViaJs()
    • screenshots

      boolean screenshots()
    • savePageSource

      boolean savePageSource()
    • reportsFolder

      String reportsFolder()
    • downloadsFolder

      String downloadsFolder()
    • reportsUrl

      String reportsUrl()
    • fastSetValue

      boolean fastSetValue()
    • textCheck

      TextCheck textCheck()
    • selectorMode

      SelectorMode selectorMode()
    • assertionMode

      AssertionMode assertionMode()
    • fileDownload

      FileDownloadMode fileDownload()
    • proxyEnabled

      boolean proxyEnabled()
    • proxyHost

      String proxyHost()
    • proxyPort

      int proxyPort()
    • remoteReadTimeout

      long remoteReadTimeout()
    • remoteConnectionTimeout

      long remoteConnectionTimeout()