Class SetValueOptions


@ParametersAreNonnullByDefault public class SetValueOptions extends Object
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    • withText

      @CheckReturnValue @Nonnull public static SetValueOptions withText(CharSequence text)
      Text value to set into input field
    • withDate

      @CheckReturnValue @Nonnull public static SetValueOptions withDate(LocalDate date)
      Text value to set into input field of type="date"
    • withDateTime

      @CheckReturnValue @Nonnull public static SetValueOptions withDateTime(LocalDateTime dateTime)
      Text value to set into input field of type="datetime-local"
    • withTime

      @CheckReturnValue @Nonnull public static SetValueOptions withTime(LocalTime time)
      Text value to set into input field of type="time"
    • withDisplayedText

      @CheckReturnValue @Nonnull public SetValueOptions withDisplayedText(CharSequence displayedText)
      How this value will be displayed in reports. Useful to mask sensitive values like passwords etc.
    • usingMethod

      @CheckReturnValue @Nonnull public SetValueOptions usingMethod(SetValueMethod method)
      How exactly the value should be set (either "sendKeys" or JavaScript call)
    • value

      @CheckReturnValue public CharSequence value()
    • method

      @CheckReturnValue @Nonnull public SetValueMethod method()
    • sensitive

      @CheckReturnValue @Nonnull public SetValueOptions sensitive()
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object