Class WebDriverRunner


@ParametersAreNonnullByDefault public class WebDriverRunner extends Object
A static facade for accessing WebDriver instance for current threads
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  • Constructor Details

    • WebDriverRunner

      public WebDriverRunner()
  • Method Details

    • addListener

      public static void addListener( listener)
      Use this method BEFORE opening a browser to add custom event listeners to webdriver.
      listener - your listener of webdriver events
    • removeListener

      public static void removeListener( listener)
    • setWebDriver

      public static void setWebDriver(org.openqa.selenium.WebDriver webDriver)
      Tell Selenide use your provided WebDriver instance. Use it if you need a custom logic for creating WebDriver.

      It's recommended not to use implicit wait with this driver, because Selenide handles timing issues explicitly.

      NB! Be sure to call this method before calling open(url). Otherwise, Selenide will create its own WebDriver instance and would not close it.

      NB! When using your custom webdriver, you are responsible for closing it. Selenide will not take care of it.

      NB! Webdriver instance should be created and used in the same thread. A typical error is to create webdriver instance in one thread and use it in another. Selenide does not support it. If you really need using multiple threads, please use #com.codeborne.selenide.WebDriverProvider

      P.S. Alternatively, you can run tests with system property

      which should implement interface #com.codeborne.selenide.WebDriverProvider

    • setWebDriver

      public static void setWebDriver(org.openqa.selenium.WebDriver webDriver, @Nullable SelenideProxyServer selenideProxy)
    • setWebDriver

      public static void setWebDriver(org.openqa.selenium.WebDriver webDriver, @Nullable SelenideProxyServer selenideProxy, DownloadsFolder browserDownloadsFolder)
    • getWebDriver

      @CheckReturnValue @Nonnull public static org.openqa.selenium.WebDriver getWebDriver()
      Get the underlying instance of Selenium WebDriver. This can be used for any operations directly with WebDriver.
    • setProxy

      public static void setProxy(@Nullable org.openqa.selenium.Proxy webProxy)
      Sets Selenium Proxy instance
    • getAndCheckWebDriver

      @CheckReturnValue @Nonnull public static org.openqa.selenium.WebDriver getAndCheckWebDriver()
      Get the underlying instance of Selenium WebDriver, and assert that it's still alive.
      new instance of WebDriver if the previous one has been closed meanwhile.
    • getSelenideProxy

      @CheckReturnValue @Nonnull public static SelenideProxyServer getSelenideProxy()
      Get selenide proxy. It's activated only if Configuration.proxyEnabled == true
    • driver

      @CheckReturnValue @Nonnull public static Driver driver()
    • getBrowserDownloadsFolder

      @CheckReturnValue @Nullable public static DownloadsFolder getBrowserDownloadsFolder()
    • closeWindow

      public static void closeWindow()
      Close the current window, quitting the browser if it's the last window currently open.
      See Also:
      • WebDriver.close()
    • closeWebDriver

      public static void closeWebDriver()

      Close the browser if it's open.

      NB! Method quits this driver, closing every associated window.

      See Also:
      • WebDriver.quit()
    • hasWebDriverStarted

      @CheckReturnValue public static boolean hasWebDriverStarted()
      true if instance of Selenium WebDriver is started in current thread
    • isFirefox

      @CheckReturnValue public static boolean isFirefox()
      Is Selenide configured to use Firefox browser
    • isChrome

      @CheckReturnValue public static boolean isChrome()
      Is Selenide configured to use Chrome browser
    • isIE

      @CheckReturnValue public static boolean isIE()
      Is Selenide configured to use Internet Explorer browser
    • isEdge

      @CheckReturnValue public static boolean isEdge()
      Is Selenide configured to use Microsoft EDGE browser
    • isHeadless

      @CheckReturnValue public static boolean isHeadless()
      Is Selenide configured to use headless browser
    • supportsJavascript

      @CheckReturnValue public static boolean supportsJavascript()
      Does this browser support javascript
    • clearBrowserCache

      public static void clearBrowserCache()
      Delete all the browser cookies
    • source

      @CheckReturnValue @Nonnull public static String source()
      the source (HTML) of current page
    • url

      @CheckReturnValue @Nonnull public static String url()
      the URL of current page
    • currentFrameUrl

      @CheckReturnValue @Nonnull public static String currentFrameUrl()
      the URL of current frame