Released Selenide 6.12.4

Released Selenide 6.12.4

Support for jdk-http-client

Good evening!

We released Selenide 6.12.4.

Workaround for Chromedriver

Reminder: if you still are looking for a solution for

Invalid Status code=403 text=Forbidden

then it was released in Selenide 6.12.2.

Added support for jdk-http-client as a replacement for netty-client

By default, Selenide still uses old good netty-client, but if you wish to
upgrade to jdk-http-client, now you can easily do that:

  1. Add dependency:
  2. Add system property before opening a browser:
    System.setProperty("webdriver.http.factory", "jdk-http-client");

See issue 2215 and PR 2216.

Restored proxy after using using

It’s almost the same problem as issue 2202, but with Selenide built-in proxy.

If you enabled a proxy in your tests, once you used method using, the proxy disappeared. The following downloading of files (or any other featured you used proxy for) didn’t work anymore.

Now using method has been fixed. See more details about this very convenient method using.

See PR 2208 and PR 2209.

Fixed $.clear() when element disappears

As you know, Selenide has method $("input").clear() that clears given input field.
But it could fail in one specific situation: when the input disappears as a result of clearing.
At this moment, method $.clear() tried to trigger change event on this input - and failed.

See issue 2207 and PR 2221.

Updated dependencies

  • #2210 Bump nettyVersion from 4.1.89.Final to 4.1.90.Final
  • #2218 Bump slf4jVersion from 2.0.6 to 2.0.7

Released selenide-appium:2.7.0

  • Added scroll up/down for mobile apps (#139)
  • Fixed method terminateApp (#146)
  • Upgraded to Selenide 6.12.4 (#143)

See release notes.

Released selenide-selenoid:2.3.6

  • Upgraded to Selenide 6.12.4

See release notes.


Andrei Solntsev