Released Selenide 6.12.2

Released Selenide 6.12.2

Workaround for Chromedriver 111

Hi all!

Urgently update to Selenide 6.12.2!

It has one important workaround for Chromedriver 111 issue:

Invalid Status code=403 text=Forbidden

Whatโ€™s the problem?

Recently a new version of Chrome and Chromedriver was released: 111.

People who did upgrade their browser unexpectedly started getting test failures.
Test tried to open the browser. The browser window appeared, but webdriver received an exception, and could not do any following actions. In the end, test could not even close that browser!

In logs, you could read only messages like this:

Starting ChromeDriver 111.0.5563.64 on port 31021
org.openqa.selenium.remote.http.WebSocket$Listener onError
WARNING: Invalid Status code=403 text=Forbidden Invalid Status code=403 text=Forbidden

Although itโ€™s a bug in chromedriver, it had a simple workaround, and we decided to add it to Selenide to avoid a bigger hassle in QA world.

See issue 2192 and PR 2194.

We recommend you upgrading to HttpClient. Yes, it requires Java11+, but has better support etc.

Andrei Solntsev