Released Selenide 6.11.1

Released Selenide 6.11.1

Downloading, truncating

Good jan!

We release a minor update Selenide 6.11.1.

Truncate only WebDriverException messages

In a very rare situation - if you

  • declare a custom command,
  • throw some assertion error from it,
  • and this error has multi-line message,

then Selenide truncates this error message, leaving only the first line.

Initially, our intention was only to truncate error message of WebDriverException because it contains multiline garbage:

The element could not be found (WARNING: The server did not provide any stacktrace information) Command duration or timeout: 21 milliseconds For documentation on this error … Build info: version: ‘2.29.1’, … System info: ‘Linux’, … Session ID: 610138404f5c18… Driver info:

But here the mistake comes: Selenide truncated message not only for WebDriverException, but for all errors. Now we fixed it, and you will see your multiline goodness entirely.

See PR 2131.

Fixed $.download(FOLDER) a bit

This is a very rare case, so you probably didn’t even notice it.

But our tests flaked sometimes, so I had to start investigation. And found couple of rare bugs in $.download(FOLDER). Sometimes it could report that the file is not downloaded (though it was) in two cases:

  • #2116 If the file’s modification timestamp appeared in the previous second of click (it may happen because different file systems may return file modification time with error up to 1 second. And it can be even in the past.)

  • #2119 If the file’s modification timestamp was “0” (according to the spec, it may happen if for some reason file system decided that the path is invalid)

Now it should continue downloading in both cases.

Updated dependencies

  • bump WebdriverManager from 5.3.1 to 5.3.2
  • bump Netty from 4.1.86.Final to 4.1.87.Final, see PR 2126.



Number of monthly downloads of Selenide exceeded 490 thousands!

To be continued…

Andrei Solntsev