Released Selenide 6.7.4

Released Selenide 6.7.4

Open source is not a rubber bum

Hey there!

We did yet another nano-release Selenide 6.7.4.

Added setting remoteReadTimeout

I recently complained about too many settings in Selenide.

Nevertheless, we added yet another setting Configuration.remoteReadTimeout (a.k.a. -Dselenide.remoteReadTimeout).

It may be useful if you run browser on a remote server, but the number if browser is limited on that server, and your tests need to wait in a queue for a free browser. In this case the default timeout for 1.5 minutes might not be enough, and you need to increase the timeout.

Personally, I call it HELL on the project, but who are we to stop people from voluntarily frying in a pan …

Now you can set any timeout from build scripts, command line etc.

Thanks to Rodion Goritskov for PR 1936.

Fixed mini-bug in “Dead threads watchdog”

Have you ever seen java.lang.IllegalStateException: Shutdown in progress in logs?

It means you hasn’t upgraded to Selenide 6.7.2 :)

Now I recommend to upgrade to 6.7.4 - and you get fixed both memory leaks and IllegalStateException.

See issue 1942 and PR 1943.

Upgraded dependencies

  • PR 1932 Bump Netty from 4.1.79 to 4.1.80


Andrei Solntsev