Released Selenide 6.6.4

Released Selenide 6.6.4


Gootas morningas!

We made another mini-released Selenide 6.6.4.

Added condition exactTextsCaseSensitive for collections

Selenide has several built-in checks for collections texts:

$$("li").shouldHave(texts("foo", "bar", "baz"));
$$("li").shouldHave(textsInAnyOrder("foo", "bar", "baz"));
$$("li").shouldHave(exactTexts("foo", "bar", "baz"));
// etc.

Now there is one more check available:

$$("li").shouldHave(exactTextsCaseSensitive("foo", "bar", "baz"));

Thanks to Ben Heap for PR 1861.

Made method $.getSelectedOption() lazy

By design, (almost) all Selenide methods should be lazy.

For example, call to $("#nope") does NOT fail even if the element doesnโ€™t exist. It allows writing negative checks, e.g.


We realized we method $("select").getSelectedOption() was not lazy. It failed immediately if the select was not loaded yet etc.
So you could not write such a negative check:

  var option = $("select#gender").getSelectedOption();  // failed on this line

Now we have corrected this issue. The laziness won! See issue 1581 and PR 1864.

Updated dependencies

UPD Released Selenide 6.6.5

One more mini-release Selenide 6.6.5.

Upgraded Selenium from 4.2.2 to 4.3.0.

This is our frank response to your frank request.

Andrei Solntsev