Released Selenide 6.1.0

Released Selenide 6.1.0

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We released Selenide 6.1.0.

Added support for

Now Selenide can read its settings from file if it’s found in classpath.

NB! I personally still don’t find it really useful. It’s easier to just set settings

  1. right in code: Configuration.timeout = 8000;
  2. or via system properties: -Dselenide.timeout=8000.

Please, don’t rush generating these files. Use only if you have a good reason, and not simply because it is now fashionable or “beautiful”.

Thanks to Petro Ovcharenko for PR 1601.

Added possibility for fine tuning the proxy

As you know, Selenide can run its embedded proxy server. It makes possible downloading of files, listening/intercepting requests etc. But capabilities of configuring the proxy were quite limited by now: only Configuration.proxyHost and Configuration.proxyPort.

Now you can get the instance of BrowserModProxy and set it up as you wish before opening a browser.

NB! Please don’t overuse it. It’s very easy to shoot yourself in the foot via re-configuring the proxy.

And don’t forget: if your settings really helped you, then maybe they will help others as well. Tell us what you set up there - maybe we should make these proxy settings default in Selenide?

See issue 1561. Thanks to Boris Osipov for PR 1620.

Added a workaround against random NoClassDefFoundError in WebDriverException.

There is a bug in Selenium which is not entirely fixed yet. But you will not see it anymore because we added a workaround in Selenide code. :)

See the workaround.

Changed parameter type for method SelenideConfig.browserCapabilities()

… from DesiredCapabilities to MutableCapabilities.

It allows to simplify your code. You don’t need to wrap ChromeOptions into DesiredCapabilities anymore. More about simplification of capabilities will be in the next release Selenide 6.1.1.

See PR 1637.

Upgraded to Selenium Webdriver 4.1.0

Thanks to Boris Osipov for PR 1638.

Removed method $.shadowRoot()

This method got broken after upgrading to Chrome 96, and probably will be broken in other browsers soon.
Taking into account that

  1. It’s hard to fix this method, and
  2. This method is not really useful since there are better ways to find elements in Shadow DOM. we decided to just delete this method. Easy! :)

See issue 1640 and PR 1641.


Selenide downloads statistics

In October we made a big leap and exceeded 280 thousand downloads per month.

More downloads for the Downloads God!

Andrei Solntsev