Released Selenide 5.11.1

Released Selenide 5.11.1

Restoring the rules

Good evening!

It seems that Selenide 5.11.0 still broke too many rules, and we decided to slow down the horses.

If you are affected, you can upgrade to Selenide 5.11.1.


Some folks didn’t like the fact that Selenide 5.11.0 requires a valid slf4j dependency. Folks don’t want to bother with slf4j. Folks don’t want to read our logs. :)

It was unexpected for us, but well, we found a compromise.

Now Selenide doesn’t require slf4j always, but only when it’s needed for sure. Namely, when you use TextReport feature.

because we can!

In Selenide 5.11.0 we introduced one small issue. Namely,

  • $("blah").shouldNot(exist) - passes (it’s ok)
  • $("blah").shouldNot(exist.because("we can")) - fails (it’s not ok)

Word because happened to be incompatible with negation. Now we fixed it, and both lines are passing.

See issue 1130 and 1131.

Dropped 16 megabytes

It appears that Selenide had one huge 16 megabyte sized file checker.jar among its dependencies.
Now we removed it.

Thanks to Yuriy Artamonov for PR 1128.


I will present Selenide on Czech meetup [pro:]TEST! next Tuesday, 28.04.2020.
This is an online event, so everybody can participate for free. You can call your friends who is not familiar with Selenide yet!

See you online!

Andrei Solntsev