Released Selenide 5.7.0

Released Selenide 5.7.0

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Recently we got a lot of pull requests with lot of useful changes. This is the power of open source!

We have merged all those changes and released Selenide 5.7.0.

Added setting Configuration.downloadsFolder

Before now, Selenide downloaded files to folder build/reports - the same folder which contains generated test reports.
But sometimes people want to have reports and screenshots in separate folders.
For those people we added a dedicated setting Configuration.downloadsFolder - now Selenide will download files there.

By default it’s build/downloads.

See issue 1025.
Thanks to Dmytro Stekanov for PR 1041.

Download files to Configuration.downloadsFolder instead of ~/Downloads

We had one more nuance when downloading files via proxy (Configuration.fileDownload=PROXY).
Selenide downloads files to its own folder build/reports (now build/downloads), but browser also downloads the same files to folder ~/Downloads (or what is the system default). It takes disk space, and nobody cleans up those files after test run.

Now Selenide configures webdriver to download files to folder build/downloads.

  1. But only for Chrome and Firefox by now.
  2. And only in case of Selenide opens webdriver by itself.

See issue 1057. Thanks to Dmitri Korobtsov for code review of PR 1058.

Added method for switching between windows with custom timeout

As you know, Selenide has methods for switching between tabs/windows:


This method is smart enough to wait until window is loaded. But it was impossible to set a timeout: the default 4 seconds was used here.

Now we added a overloaded method with timeout parameter:

switchTo().window(3,  Duration.ofSeconds(42));
switchTo().window(3,  Duration.ofMillis(16000));

See issue 399.
Thanks to Dmytro Stekanov for PR 1054.

Added logging of “readonly” attribute

See issue 990.
Thanks to Dmytro Stekanov for PR 1042.

Fixed IndexOutOfBoundsException

… when searching first/last element of an empty collection

See issue 991.
Thanks to Dmytro Stekanov for PR 1043.

And several screenshot improvements

1. Returned the lost screenshots in Screenshots.getLastScreenshot()

See issue 814 and issue 880.
Thanks to Petro Ovcharenko for PR 1052.

Now Selenide can read environment variable BUILD_URL, and you don’t need to set system variable BUILD_URL in your build scripts.

Thanks to GongYi for PR 1049.

3. Fixed paths to screenshots in multi-module Maven builds

Thanks to GongYi for PR 1049.

Upgraded to WebDriverManager 3.8.1

See changelog (including support for Edge 80).


SeleniumCamp 2020

Welcome to Kiev in February, 21-22 to SeleniumCamp conference!
I will present two talks:

and I will also hold an informal BOF session about Selenide roadmap.

Meetup about Selenide in Germany

Some folks organize a Selenide meetup in Germany in February, 12.
That’s cool, right?

Downloads statistics

The number of Selenide downloads over the year increased 2.5 times from 40 thousand to 110 thousand.

And the number of unique IPs exceeded 20 thousand:

We are growing!

Andrei Solntsev