Released Selenide 5.1.1

Released Selenide 5.1.1

Click the transparent

Good night!

With a big lag and regret, we are publishing press release of Selenide 5.1.1 Let’s quickly read what was changed there, and move on to the next versions.

Selenide allows clicking on transparent elements

Until now, Selenide didn’t allow clicking elements with opacity: 0. It seemed reasonable because real user cannot click element which he cannot see. But we found that sometimes it’s useful - e.g. when there is a file upload field behind the transparent element.

Now we don’t forbid it. :)

See issue 201

Thanks to Alexei Vinogradov for PR 874 and Alexei Barantsev for patient explanations of how Selenium really works. :)

Fixed NPE when custom webdriver is run without proxy, but user asks for proxy

Now instead of NullPointerException you will see human-readable

IllegalStateException: config.proxyEnabled == true but proxy server is not started.

See issue 878 and PR 888

Now you can switch between two webdrivers as many times as you wish

It worked correctly in Selenide 4.x and earlier, bug was broken in Selenide 5.0.0. Now we fixed it.

See issue 867 and PR 890

Selenide generates unique folder for every downloaded file

Until now, Selenide used to download all files to folder build/reports/tests with their original names. It could cause a problem when two parallel tests tried to download files with the same name.

Now Selenide will download every while to a unique folder build/reports/UUID (but still with its original name, because sometimes the file name is important).

See issue 892 and PR 893.

Upgraded to selenium-java 3.141.59

It’s so called “Pi” version of Selenium: 3.141.59 It seems to be the last Selenium version in 3.x line - the following is Selenium 4.0

See selenium 3.141.* Changelog


Andrei Solntsev