Released Selenide 5.0.1

Released Selenide 5.0.1

Minor bugfixes

Good morning! A month has passed since the release of Selenide 5.0.0. We haven’t got any bug reports. :)

So, we have released Selenide 5.0.1 with minor fixes for old issues.

Generate random file name for downloaded file

As you know, Selenide has a method for direct file download by link:

File image ="");

It tries to get file name from http header or url. If neither is present (as in example above), it failed. Now it doesn’t fail anymore, but generates a random file name. Though I would consider it as the application bug.

See issue 840 and PR 856.

Thanks to David Phillips for a solution idea.

Fixed IndexOutOfBounds when parent element is not found

This line caused IndexOutOfBounds before, but now it returns false:


See issue 747.

Thanks to Denys Shynkarenko for PR 837.

Fixed ClassCastException in method $$.toArray()

This code caused ClassCastException before:

List<SelenideElement> selenideElements = new ArrayList<>();
selenideElements.addAll($$("#table1 td"));

I don’t even want to know why somebody should need such code in tests… But well, we had to fix it, and we fixed it.

See issue 844.

Thanks to Boris Osipov for PR 847.

Added support for chrome 70

Starting from version 3.0, WebDriverManager became flaky. It contains file which matches versions of webdrivers and browsers. But WDM gets updates much less frequently than browsers and webdrivers. Naturally, every time when new version of Firefox or Chrome gets released, WDM doesn’t support it.

By now, we added own version of to Selenide. Selenide is updated more frequently than WDM. :)

We already added chrome70=2.42 and firefox62 there. We need your ideas how to deal with it in future. Feel free to share your thoughts!

See PR 855.

Upgraded to selenium-java 3.141.5

Changelog of selenium 3.141.*

Selenide download statistics

Downloads count continues growing. We crossed the line 40800 downloads per month!


If you haven’t been yet, I recommend to go to Heisenbug conference in Moscow (December 2019).

It’s a really great conference. Believe me, I have been there last year.

Andrei Solntsev