Released Selenide 4.9

Released Selenide 4.9

Upgrade to selenium 3.8.1, Marionette by default

Good night!

At the very last moment of year 2017, we released Selenide 4.9.

What’s new there?

Upgraded to selenium 3.8.1

There are backward-incompatible changes, be prepared. Selenium guys like to delete existing functionality :)

Thanks to Aleksandr Rasolka for pull request 638.

Now marionette is used by default

As you know, Selenide initially used Firefox as a default browser. The reason is simple: it was the only webdriver that didn’t require downloading a separate binary to drive the browser.

Later the situation changed. FireFoxDriver doesn’t support newer Firefox version anymore, it was replaced by GeckoDriver (aka Marionette). It requires downloading of a separate binary file, but now Selenide can download it automatically.

So, when you don’t set browser, Selenide now uses Marionette by default (which means Firefox). Though, I personally prefer Chrome.

Thanks to Ostap Oleksyn for pull request 621.

Fixed initialization of elements inside ElementsContainer but without @FindBy annotation

See issue 617

Thanks to Artem Savosik for pull request 618.

Though, I personally don’t use ElementsContainer and recommend you not to use. Selenide allows writing page objects / page containers much easier.

Added methods $$(“.item”).first(3) and $$(“.item”).last(3)

These methods allow to get few elements from the beginning or end of list. It can be useful when the list is too long, or its length is unknown, and you need to verify only some of elements.

See. issue 623

Thanks to Ostap Oleksyn for pull request 624.

Add ability to set browser binary path using configuration parameter

Sometimes people want to run tests with different versions of the same browser. With stable chrome, Canary, nightly build…

Now you can set explicitly the path to browser binary. Either using system property:


or right in the code:

Configuration.browserBinary = "/usr/lib/firefox";

Thanks to Ostap Oleksyn for pull request 627.

Fixed method prompt() in HtmlUnit

Thanks to Anton Aftakhov for pull request 634

Upgraded dependencies

  • webdrivermanager:2.0.1
  • guava:23.5-jre
  • httpcore:4.4.8
  • htmlunit-driver:2.28.2


Andrei Solntsev