Selenide 4.2 released

Selenide 4.2 released

Browsers and cloud services


With 4.x we’ve just started to add useful features for communication with the constantly changing environment, and in this version we made a great step forward in supporting browsers.

Support of legacy Firefox driver. #431

As you may know, Firefox, starting with Firefox 48, is not supported by built-in Selenium driver (let’s name it legacy driver). You must use new marionette/gecko driver, which also works with the older version of Firefox, but, it is not yet that stable in many cases. We experienced many projects with a large number of test switched to use Firefox 45 ESR, with the legacy driver, instead of the newest Firefox, because of high costs for analysis and changes for broken tests with the new driver. In 4.2 you may choose, which driver to use for Firefox version <=47

Use Configuration.browser="firefox" (or System property -Dselenide.browser=firefox) to use legacy Firefox Driver (Firefox<=47) built in Selenium.

Use Configuration.browser="gecko" or Configuration.browser="marionette" (the same) to use geckodriver (any Firefox version). If driver is not in your executable path, you may need to setup the path in SystemProperty webdriver.gecko.driver (for example -Dwebdriver.gecko.driver=/Users/mmeier/Downloads/geckodriver-0.11)

Microsoft Edge support

We added new value for browser - Configuration.browser="edge". Don’t forget to set the path to MicrosoftWebDriver.exe in SystemProperty webdriver.edge.driver

Better support for https site with invalid certificates.

In this version we turn on a capability, that helps to avoid error with invalid SSL certificates for many cases. You don’t need to change anything in your test, the improvement is automatically active.

Support of custom capabilities and cloud services (BrowserStack, SauceLabs etc.) #379

Until now, Selenide users did not have easy way to ask for custom capabilities for the browser. Starting from 4.2 System properties prefixed with capabilities.* automatically processed by Selenide as DesiredCapabilities. Among other things it helps to start your test by popular cloud service changing no line of your test code!

As example, let’s start you tests at BrowserStack (of course, you must register and get username & auth_key from the service first) under Windows 7 with Firefox 48 screen resolution 1680x1050. Just pass the parameters to your test runner:


Please refer to the documentation of your cloud service about capabilities which should be set to get the desired environment.

Other changes

  • Fixed #433 bypass spawning local browser
  • Added method $.selectOptionContainingText(String) #391 - select option by substring.
  • Fixed problem with screenshot of too large WebElements #378

Upgrade to 4.2 today!

Alexei Vinogradov & Selenide Community