Released Selenide 4.1

Released Selenide 4.1

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Achievement unlocked!

This day came. We releases Selenide 4.1 that contain only your changes. Made by you. Your pull requests.

#428 Improve byAttribute method for search via css selectors

Method byAttribute (or shorter by) got more powerful. Before now, you could use it to find elements by attribute value:

$(by("first-name", "john macclane").click();

Now you can use it to search element by substring in attribute:

$(by("first-name*", "hn maccl").click();

by a starting of attribute:

$(by("first-name*", "joh").click();

by an ending of attribute:

$(by("first-name*", "clane").click();

and even by a word in attribute:

$(by("first-name*", "john").click();

Thanks to Roman Marinsky for pull request 428

#419 #425 Added methods texts(List) and exactTexts(List)

Before now, you could check texts in collection using varargs parameter:

$("#row-1 td").shouldHave(texts("pjotr", "iljich", "chajkovskij")));

Now you can also pass list instead of varargs:

List<String> expected = asList("pjotr", "iljich", "chajkovskij");
$("#row-1 td").shouldHave(texts(expected)));

Thanks to

Improve support for gecko (marionette) driver

Now instead of

  new MarionetteDriver(capabilities);

Selenide initializes webdriver like this:

  DesiredCapabilities capabilities = createFirefoxCapabilities(proxy);
  capabilities.setCapability("marionette", true);
  return new FirefoxDriver(capabilities);

I still don’t understand if (and why) it’s better, but we are working on Marionette driver support anyway.

Upgraded dependencies:

  • selenium-java 3.0.1
  • htmlunit-driver 2.23.2
  • gson 2.8.0
  • guava 20.0
  • httpcore:4.4.5


I cannot read Japanese, but look how beautiful those page objects are!

public class AdminPage extends AbstractPage {

    @FindBy(name = "commit")
    public SelenideElement デフォルト設定をロード;

    @FindBy(css = ".users")
    public SelenideElement ユーザー;

And more beauty in Japanese:

public void 添付ファイル数は(int size) {

Isn’t it nice?

Selenide 4.2 will be released very soon.

Let’s upgrade!

Andrei Solntsev