A wrapper or pure Selenium?

A wrapper or pure Selenium?

To work or to learn?

There is a popular opinion that using Selenide is not serious for a “true” automation engineer.
A real engineer should use pure Selenium to understand how it works inside.

And that’s why it’s bad.

A story of true driver

Imagine: you are in a great hurry to get on the plane. Get in a taxi, say: “Urgently to the airport!” And the taxi driver tells you: now I will put the motor on the frame, fasten the wheels, fill up the fuel - and we will go!

You freak out, but ok, since this is the accepted practice in this industry, then you have to wait.


You wait five minutes, glancing nervously at your watch. You say: “Well, are we going already?” And you hear: “Yes, I have already screwed half the nuts in the motor.” And proudly adds: “I have 70% nut coverage!”


After another five minutes, you nervously ask again and hear: “Yes, yes, everything is cool! The seats are almost set.” And he proudly adds: “You can see the report with pictures of the steps taken.”

But if something should happen

You swear loudly and say, “What the hell? Why don’t we just get in the car and drive?”
And the driver says: “Let the junior engineers drive factory cars.
True drivers need to know how it works inside.”
And proudly adds: “But if something should happen, I can figure out what’s broken.”

Ready solutions

Needless to say, five minutes after the start of the movement, spark plug gets broken.
The driver says: “Yes, this is a typical problem. I know what to do. I’ve had it.
I am going to add a couple of sleep’s.”

Then the wheel falls off, and the dude with undisguised pride says that he faced this problem too, and he has a ready-made solution in his garage, which he stole from a previous project.

Yeah guys, this is the dude who prefers pure Selenium.

Sit and drive

Sooner or later, you give up and catch another car, in which everything is ready, configured and filled.
It just rides. And the driver just takes you to the airport. In time.

This is an engineer using Selenide.

So what, shouldn’t we learn Selenium?

I hope you find it funny at this place.
Probably some of you feel offended. And this is good! The more offensive the better.
The more likely it will make you wonder where our industry is heading.

When the resentment subsides, you should have a natural question.

  • So what, we should only use the ready-made solutions without learning their internals?
  • Shouldn’t a true driver know how the engine works and where to fill the oil?
  • Shouldn’t a true driver be able to fix a car if it suddenly breaks down in the middle of the road?

If everyone uses only ready tools, we will soon have no real specialists left!

My answer is:

Of course, learn!

Sure, we should learn. We must learn. It’s absolutely necessary.

A bad QA engineer is the one who does not dream of writing his own framework.

But not at the expense of the client!

Disassemble the engine. Dig into the pieces of iron. Play with solid oil. But - in your garage. In trainee garage.
But being at work - be so kind to do the work. Not your training.
When you have free time and energy, improve yourself.
When a client needs to go to the airport, take them to the airport and use the most effective tools for this.

That is Selenide, yes.

Andrei Solntsev