Released Selenide 3.10

Released Selenide 3.10

Disabled proxy, multiple selects, reports tuning


We released Selenide 3.10!

Proxy server is disabled by default

It’s I am sad to say this, but it seems that the experiment with a proxy server has not yet succeeded.

There is a problem with the “new way” of downloading files using Selenide built-in proxy server. It works for all my projects, but some folks reported that it doesn’t work for them. I still don’t know exactly the problem and its causes. Probably those who use Selenium Grid experience this problem.

Anyway, now we reverted default downloading mechanism to HTTPGET. If you need to use proxy server, enable it via system property:


Or directly in your code:

Configuration.fileDownload = PROXY;

By the way, we fixed issue 393: Selenide will not even try to run proxy server until fileDownload=PROXY is set.

Added support for multiple selects

There are dropdown lists that allowing selecting multiple options (<select multiple>). Now it’s easy to select multiple options in Selenide with just one command:

select.selectOption("Margarita", "Theodor Woland");  // by test
select.selectOption(0, 2, 3);                        // by index
select.selectOptionByValue("cat", "woland");         // by value

We also added a method for getting all selected options:

select.getSelectedOptions().shouldHave(texts("Margarita", "Theodor Woland"));

See issue 400

Now you can print report only for failed tests

As you probably know, in Selenide you can print report of all executed steps .

Now you can configure if it should be printed only for failed tests. Or only for succeeded tests. Or always.

For JUnit:

   public TestRule report = new TextReport().onFailedTest(true).onSucceededTest(false);

For TestNG:

  public class GoogleTestNGTest {
    public void setUp() {
      TextReport.onSucceededTest = false;
      TextReport.onFailedTest = true;

See. issue 408

Fixed bug with parsing http header Content-Disposition containing encoding

Now Selenide uses correct file name even if header Content-Disposition contains encoding:

Content-Disposition: filename=Prices.csv;charset=UTF-8

See. issue 398

Fixed bug 401: “Selenide swallows exception in some cases”

Never ever write catch (Throwable). Never!

See. issue 401

Method open(url) now works for URL in upper case

It’s weird, but sometimes people want to enter url in upper case. And they found that Selenide could not open such urls. Ups.

Now we fixed it: issue 407

Uncommented one old test

See. issue 379


Yes, you can use Selenide for testing mobile applications!

Let’s upgrade!

Andrei Solntsev