Selenide changes license to MIT

Selenide changes license to MIT


Good evening!

We decided to change Selenide license from LGPL to MIT.

Shortly said, it means that you can do with Selenide whatever.

MIT is the most permissive license.

Here you can find illustration for differences between most common open-source licenses MIT, Apache and GPL.

Why not LGPL?

Actually we like LGPL. LGPL means that you must publish your code as open-source only if you include Selenide code into your product. But you use Selenide in tests, so you don’t include Selenide into code that is delivered to your customers. That’s why you don’t need to publish your source code.

Why we changed the license?

It seems that many companies are just afraid of GPL. They just don’t want to have any business with GPL, without diving into details. That’s why we decided to switch Selenide license to the most permissive - MIT license.

If you have any friends that didn’t use Selenide because of license - now you have good news for them! :)

Andrei Solntsev