Changes in Selenide 2.24

Changes in Selenide 2.24


Good morning! We released Selenide 2.24. It’s a minor release.

Upgraded to selenium-java 2.48.2

changelog of selenium 2.48.2.

Add method $.pressEscape()

In addition to methods


we have now new method:


Fixed soft asserts for TestNG

As you probably know Selenide has soft asserts functionality. Some time ago it was broken if you run tests in TestNG. Now we fixed it.

Logic of webdriver creation extracted to a separate class WebDriverFactory

Before this release, class WebDriverRunner created browsers. But it grew to be too large: it also detects hanging browsers, closes and reopens browsers etc. That’s why we extracted logic of creating webdrivers to a separate class.


  • Conference
    I will present Selenide at the largest European Java conference Devoxx in Antwerp
    That’s great!

And what’s up with you?

Andrei Solntsev