Changes in Selenide 2.23

Changes in Selenide 2.23

The radio day

Hi all!

In september we released Selenide 2.23. Let’s take a look on news.

New method $.selectRadio()

In order to select radio button, Selenide had a method

Selenide.selectRadio("gender"), "male");

Now we have new method that is more consistent with other Selenide methods:


As other Selenide methods, it can wait if the radio button is not available yet.

Method $.setValue() can now handle radio buttons

We try to make Selenide as universal as possible, so that you would not need to think about low-level technical details of web elements. For instance, method $.setValue() detects what type of web element you are operating with: input, select or textarea - and behaves correspondingly.

Now it also supports radio buttons.

Method $.setValue() can now select radio buttons too:


You cannot set value to readonly field

Now method $.setValue() will throw an exception if you try to set value into readonly field.

Be aware, it probably can break your tests.

Method $.setValue() takes attribute maxlength into account

If you try to enter too long text to input field having attribute maxlength, Selenide will cut the text.

Be aware, it also can break your tests.

Fixed issue with unclosed FireFox instances

Some users reported problems with Firefox browsers that left unclosed after running Selenide tests.

Unfortunately we could not reproduce the problem, so that we just had to roll back the old good mechanism of running browsers. We will continue work on new mechanism with timeouts check.


Let me share some great news with you.

  • Conference SeleniumConf 2015

    Selenide was presented at the annual SeleniumConf conference that was held this time in Portland, USA.
    Here is video and slides of my talk.

    By the way, other SeleniumConf 2015 videos are available here.

  • Historical moment: a book about Selenide has been published! Actually title of book is Test-Driven Java Development, but it contains code samples in Selenide with JBehave and Cucumber.
    It’s just unbelievable, but this is true!


The following is statistics of Selenide downloads in August:

There will come much more in September!

And what’s up with you?

Andrei Solntsev