Changes in Selenide 2.21 and 2.22

Changes in Selenide 2.21 and 2.22

Java 7, Selenium 2.47.1

Good saturday!

Recently we released Selenide 2.21 and 2.22. They contain few but important changes.

Upgrade to Java 7

Starting from version 2.21, Selenide only works on Java 7 and higher.

If you used Java 6, it’s time to upgrade.

Upgrade to Selenium 2.47.1

  • It requires Java 7.
  • It supports native events only for FireFox 31. For later FireFox versions only synthetic events are supported.
  • It adds experimental support for the new browser “Microsoft Edge”.

All changes in Selenium 2.47.1

Fixed problem with unclosed browsers

In Selenide 2.20 we reworked mechanism of closing browser. But it caused a defect: sometimes browser left open. Now this problem is fixed.

Thank you for your help!

Thanks for all who voted for my proposal. It was accepted to the SeleniumConf 2015 conference. I am going 8.09 to Portland to present Selenide at the world’s biggest Selenium conference.

And what’s up to you?

Andrei Solntsev