Released Selenide 3.2

✓ Selenium 3.0.0 ✓ Java 8


Released Selenide 3.2

browser size matters!

Good morning!

We released Selenide 3.2

Now Selenide logs browser version

We added INFO log containing version of browser, Selenium and Selenide:

00:32:45 INFO BrowserName=chrome Version=48.0.2564.109 Platform=MAC
00:32:45 INFO Selenide v. 3.2
00:32:45 INFO Selenium WebDriver v. 2.51.0 build time: 2016-02-05 11:20:57

Better report

We renamed FAILED->FAIL, PASSED->PASS in selenide report. So they don’t mess with PASSED and FAILED that are typically written by Maven and other tools. Now it’s a little bit easier to analyze Selenide output in Jenkins.

Added method for selecting option by index

Before Selenide 3.2 you could select an option by text or value:


Now you can also select option by index: java $("select#email").selectOption(4);

Added setting selenide.browser-size

Now you can set browser size before running tests:

java -Dselenide.browser-size=1024x768

or directly in code:

public void setUp() {
  Configuration.browser = "chrome";
  Configuration.browserSize = "1024x768";

It’s probably a good idea to declare a (minimal) expected browser size supported by the application in test. So your tests will verify that the application works on that small displays.

Upgraded to selenium-java 2.50.0

See selenium 2.50.0 changelog.

See you later! Selenide 3.3 is coming soon!

Andrei Solntsev

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